Refinance Loans

Flip My Loan

What does it mean to Flip a loan?
Flipping is refinancing a loan. It’s just a much more fun way to say it! When you decide to flip your loan, you’re choosing to improve it through a lower interest rate which in turn will save money because you’ll be paying less interest over the life of the loan; a lower payment which can make your loan more affordable; or a better term which could help you build equity at a faster pace.



Why should you flip your loan?
You should strongly consider flipping your loan if you:

1. Need to lower your loan payment to make it more affordable
2. Realize you can actually make a higher payment and pay off your loan quicker
3. Know that interest rates are lower now than when you took out your loan
4. Are being overtaken by debt
5. Have multiple, high-rate loans that you can consolidate into one lower-rate loan

How Do You Flip Your Loan?
It’s easy to flip your auto loan, your mortgage, or consolidate higher-rate loans into a lower-rate alternative.

Figure out which loan(s) you want to flip. Simply browse through each section of this site to see how you could benefit from flipping your auto loan, your mortgage loan, or combining your higher-rate loans into one more manageable consolidation loan.

Get a free, no-hassle comparison. Just share a bit of information with us, and we’ll let you know how much you can save by flipping your loan.

Flip away! If you like what you see when you receive your no-obligation comparison, just let us know and our loan experts will guide you through the easy refinancing process and help make your flip fast and easy.